Istanbul and Its Seagulls

Istanbul, a majestic city that elegantly stretches across two continents, is a tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty. Known for its rich past that dates back centuries and its architectural marvels ranging from Byzantine churches to Ottoman mosques, Istanbul offers a visual feast for its visitors and residents alike. But beyond these well-known attributes lies a less celebrated yet equally enchanting feature: the city’s seagulls. These birds, more than mere background characters, have woven themselves into the very fabric of Istanbul's identity, becoming symbols of the city's enduring bond with the sea.

In the bustling streets and along the serene shores of Istanbul, seagulls are a constant presence, echoing the city's rhythm and its maritime heritage. They are not just passive onlookers but active participants in daily life, contributing to the city's unique soundscape with their calls and enhancing its skyline with their flight. This blog delves deep into the intertwined lives of Istanbul and its seagulls. We'll explore how these birds have become an inseparable part of the city's charm, focusing particularly on the Herring Gull and the Black-headed Gull, the two species that most prominently grace the Istanbul skies.

The Seagulls of Istanbul: A Tale of Two Species

The Herring Gull: Commonly seen along Istanbul's coastlines, the Herring Gull stands out with its impressive wingspan that can reach up to 140 cm and its distinctive yellow beak marked with red spots. These gulls add a unique charm to the city's seaside scenery. With an average lifespan of 32 years, they are a symbol of endurance and beauty, often spotted gracefully gliding over the Bosphorus.

The Black-headed Gull: Smaller in size, the Black-headed Gull has a wingspan of about 100 cm. The most notable feature is the dark head, especially pronounced during the breeding season. These gulls are seasonal visitors to Istanbul, migrating during warmer months. Their arrival and departure mark the changing seasons, adding a dynamic aspect to Istanbul's avian landscape.

The interaction with seagulls in Istanbul is a tradition enjoyed by both tourists and locals. Feeding seagulls with simit (a type of Turkish bread) at the piers is an activity that embodies the city's living culture. The seagulls are more than just birds; they are storytellers of the city's deep relationship with the sea. Whether viewed from a ferry on the Bosphorus or observed from the city's many coastal spots, these seagulls are an integral part of Istanbul's unique allure.

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Whether you're a local resident or a traveler exploring the city, a visit to Deraliye Terrace is an opportunity to connect with the essence of Istanbul in a serene and picturesque setting. Here, the harmonious blend of nature and history is palpable, as the seagulls' flight intertwines with the echoes of a city that has stood at the crossroads of civilizations for centuries.

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