Istanbul's Secret Gardens

Istanbul is a fascinating city that has been home to many civilizations throughout history. Although known for its majestic palaces, historic mosques and bustling streets, this metropolis also has calming natural wonders and peaceful green spaces. For those who want to get away from the noise of the city and get lost in nature, Istanbul's secret gardens are the perfect refuge.

Hidden Paradises of the City

With its hidden gardens and nature areas, Istanbul offers rare places where you can escape the stress of city life and be alone with nature. These hidden paradises show that Istanbul is not only a city full of history and culture, but also of natural beauty. Exploring the hidden gardens of Istanbul means experiencing only a fraction of the unique experiences the city has to offer. These special places await anyone who wants to get away from the chaos of the city and rejuvenate in the peaceful beauty of nature.

Emirgan Grove

Emirgan Korusu, located on the ridges of the Bosphorus, is one of the largest parks in Istanbul. With its gardens decorated with colorful tulips, wide walking paths and picnic areas, it offers a unique nature experience to its visitors in all seasons. The historical mansions in the grove now serve as cafes and restaurants, offering visitors delicious meals accompanied by the magnificent view of the Bosphorus.

Yıldız Park

Located between Beşiktaş and Ortaköy, Yıldız Park is a rare green area bearing the traces of the Ottoman period. Organized as the garden of Yıldız Palace, this park welcomes visitors with various plant species, ponds and two historical mansions. As you walk along the peaceful paths of the park, you will feel the wonder of being in the heart of the city.

Ataturk Arboretum

Atatürk Arboretum in Sarıyer is a paradise for those interested in botany. This scientific habitat, which hosts plant species brought from all over the world as well as Turkey, is the scene of a riot of colors, especially in autumn. The tranquility offered by the ponds and walking paths in the forest allows you to get away from the intensity of being in Istanbul.

Fethipaşa Grove

Located in Üsküdar district on the Anatolian side of the Bosphorus, Fethipaşa Grove offers one of the unique views of the Bosphorus. This park, which attracts attention with its historical mansions and arrangements reminiscent of Ottoman gardens, is an ideal place for those who want to escape the chaos of the city and take a breather. The grove is also home to cafes and restaurants, making it the perfect escape for weekends.

Nezahat Gokyigit Botanical Garden

Located in Ataşehir, Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanical Garden is a secluded and peaceful corner of Istanbul. Home to Turkey's endemic plants, the garden offers an educational experience for those interested in botanical science. It is also an educational visit for families with educational programs specially designed for children.

Belgrade Forest

Belgrade Forest, located within the borders of Sarıyer, is one of the largest natural habitats in Istanbul. Hiking trails, picnic areas and bicycle paths in the forest offer a variety of activities for those interested in nature sports. It also plays an important role as it is home to the historical dykes that met Istanbul's water needs.

Bahcekoy Kemerburgaz Walking Trail

Tracing the old aqueducts, this hiking trail offers a unique route for those who want to discover history in nature. Along the way, you can admire the majestic structures of the Ottoman-era aqueducts while enjoying a walk in the forest, outside the city.


Polonezköy, a village in Beykoz district on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, is famous for its natural beauty and green areas. Inhabited by residents of Polish origin, this village is known for its rich vegetation, organic products and wonderful trails for nature walks. You can taste local dishes and organic products in the restaurants in the village.

Asiyan Park

Aşiyan Park, which has a unique view of the Bosphorus, is located in Beşiktaş district, next to the house of poet Tevfik Fikret. The park is an attractive stop for those who want to watch the panoramic view of the Bosphorus and visit the Tevfik Fikret Museum.